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There is always a lot of demand for accommodation during the biannual Whitby Goth Festival and booking early is essential.  We know the relatively late announcement of Octobers Tomorrow's Ghosts Festival means there is high demand and so we have installed the accommodation finder below to assist. We will be aiming to announce future dates and line-ups as early as possible to assist in planning your stay.

***Update - we are also trying to arrange transport and deals for hotels slightly further afield.  We hope to have an update by the middle/end of August.***

Whitby Accommodation Finder: 26th - 28th Octber 2018!

Please note: this search tool is designed to only display accommodation that is still avaialble for 26th - 28th October 2018 and takes live information from the www.vistiyorkshirecoast.com website so it is updated whenever accommodation is booked, cancellations occur or new accommodation becomes avaialble.  It does however rely on the accommodation providers updating the site so please click through to check availability.

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Getting There
Whitby is located on the North Yorkshire Coast with the Whitby Pavilion Venue being located on the towns West Cliff (see map).  Travel details are provided below.

From Abroad

The nearest airports are Newcastle, Leeds Bradford and Doncaster Sheffield which are all approxmately 2 hours drive away.  The nearest large international airport is Manchester International airport which is around 3hrs away.  There are ferries to mainland Europe from Hull but the relatively long journey time means that the channel tunnel crossing is often more practical despite the longer drive or train journey from Dover/London.

UK Travel

Whitby is most easily accessed by car although buses travel frequently from York and Middlesborough.  Rail travel is possible to the towns station but planning ahed is required due to the limited number of services.

Detailed travel information can be found here>>>>>

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