All My Thorns

All My Thorns are a band with a history stemming back to the early 90s

Taking inspiration from the goth / metal bands of the time they formed in Preston, Lancashire, UK as a band called In Soma Dawn after a long break away from music Drew Freeman and Korovin Sutch joined three other musicians to form the band Sometime The Wolf in 2017. Quickly putting their stamp on the scene again with their progressive new age goth – metal sound

With atmospheric live performances up and down the country and across Europe and the release of the Never Wake EP the band soon had people wanting an album

One year later, it was released, the album called From Here And Earth, recorded in Cambridge by Steven Carey (The Eden House) and Simon Rippin (Nefilim, Fields of the Nephilim, The Eden House) the album was a huge success and took the band on a journey up to 2021 were it became apparent there were differences in the way the band wanted to move forward. This led to Drew Freeman & Korovin Sutch forming All My Thorns with Alec and Mick joining soon after

The band honoured the gigs which has been confirmed pulling together a set featuring tracks old and new. Gigs in Morecambe, Leeds and London were brilliantly received

Going forward the band is currently writing new material and pre-production is well under way, the possibility of a two-part album has been talked of and is an exciting possibility. With recording and live dates taking shape quickly 2022 is being looking good