Headline Artist:
The Loveless

aka Marc Almond / James Beaumont / Ben Ellis / Mat Hector / Neal X

No-one forgets their first romance, not even The Loveless.

Serving up the songs that awoke their delinquent desire for snaky tunes played in seamy dives, The Loveless are back where they began – pledged to the pulp appeal of garage rock. An outcast tangent of rock ‘n’ roll – garage swaggered on the margins, giving a terse voice to all the full moon boys and girls in black leather waiting for the night to begin.

In Garage Land, love is never easy and sometimes it’s twisted, as ‘Dark Side’ so adroitly demonstrates. The Loveless could be accused of being a covers band but they are so immersed in the smouldering tension of the material, it fits them like a second skin.

Sired by Marc Almond, whose voice evokes a million shades of darkness and delight, and guitarist Neal X, a revved up exponent of classic riffs, The Loveless are augmented by Iggy Pop’s on tour rhythm section, Mat Hector and Ben Ellis, whilst Hammond maestro, James Beaumont, commandeers the keyboards.

As well as playing live, The Loveless have been recording the material, The Kink’s moody ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’ rubbing shoulders with The Sorrow’s ‘Take A Heart’ at Dean Street Studios in the heart of Soho. Despite the insidious nature of gentrification that has made the area a theme park of its former self, Neal X swears the ghosts of old Soho make their presence felt in the twilight hours and in the grooves of The Loveless’ version of Smoky’s ‘Hot, Hard & Ready’ (NB not the insipid UK Smokie but L.A’s sizzling Leather-cladlad Smoky.)

Unburdened by record label intervention means The Loveless can do what they want, how they want, when they want.