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Other Goth Festival Events in Whitby

Note: Whitby Pavilion will be serving hot food, drinks all over the weekend for Tomorrow's Ghosts Festival


Whitby has a heritage steeped in literature, which has inspired film, music and art. The Biannual Goth Festival in Whitby caters for a wide range of tastes and over the years many events have been established across the weekend beyond those of band performances. A vibrant scene of gigs, clubs and alternative events have evolved over many years such as Sexy Sunday, Manic Monday ran by Hazel Fettler, and Marquis Masquerade by Gothtown.

Preliminary Details on Events across the town are provided here with more detail to follow;




Other subculture members welcome.

LGBTQ friendly







Note:  Absinthe Promotions do not run these events and are not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information, please see promoters for details


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