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First revisiting Joy Division’s seminal album “Unknown Pleasures” back in May 2010 for a commemorative charity concert and following it each year with new albums performed live from the repertoire of Hooky's bands, New Order and Joy Division, Peter Hook & The Light have now moved through each of the albums from those bands and recently finished up a world-wide tour of Factory Records "Substance" compilation albums.

Next up for The Light sees them celebrate over four decades of Joy Divison’s and Ian Curtis’ continuing influence with the “Joy Division : A Celebration” concerts where they will play both of that band’s albums in full.

Hooky's dedication to his back catalogue has seen him move  through “Closer”, “Still”, “Movement”, “Power Corruption & Lies”, "Low Life", "Brotherhood", “Technique” and “Republic to arrive at this point and having toured extensively with the band, The Light have come to amass around 600 shows in the decade since their first concert.

Among the many highlights as Hooky reintroduced his early repertoire to a host of new audiences across festivals and concerts which have included appearances at Benicassim, Kendall Calling, Primavera Sound, Bestival, Rebellion Festival and more as well as sold out gigs at many of the best venues across the world.

The band have also toured extensively including in Europe, North and South America, China, Australia, New Zealand and Japan to great success and reactions from fans and critics.



Pink Turns Blue are a post-punk band from BerlinGermany. Formed in 1985, they were part of the first generation of gothic rock in Germany, and released their first LP, If Two Worlds Kiss with a sound reminiscent of new wave with very dark undertones and use of synthesizers, and went to become part of the developing sub-genre of dark wave



Membranes ‘Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ has had amazing reviews across Europe most of them are here http://louderthanwar.com/membranes-dark-matterdark-energy-reviews/Many Websites and magazines are calling it one of the albums of the year. The bands’s first album for 26 years is the best selling album in their history. Membranes played an acclaimed gig in Estonia with a 30 piece choir which got a 2 page review in Mojo



GODTHRYMM was formed in 2017 by vocalist/guitarist Hamish Glencross (ex-My Dying Bride/Vallenfyre/Solstice) and sees the respected UK metal luminary return to his doom metal roots, creating the music he was known to help forge with Solstice (on the legendary “New Dark Age” album) and especially with the heralded My Dying Bride from the 2000 – 2014 time period. Further adding to the GODTHRYMM pedigree of doom, joining Glencross is ex-My Dying Bride/Anathema drummer Shaun Taylor-Steels who, after some slight lineup refining (following the band’s “A Grand Reclamation”debut EP), became the core of GODTHRYMM with Glencross as the two would end up recording the colossal GODTHRYMM debut album “Reflections” (the duo would add bassist Bob Crolla following the recording of “Reflections” making GODTHRYMM a true power trio of doom) set for release in February 2020






The Glass House Museum is a post punk/gothic rock band from the West Midlands.
We embrace the dark stuff & turn it into music so you don't have to



The Last Cry are a three piece Darkwave band from the south coast in the UK, they released their debut album ‘Walking To The Edge’ in 2009 which was critically acclaimed.
Playing ‘Walking To The Edge’ live around Europe was met with great praise and attracted a lot of attention mainly due to their extravagant shows, this energy is what has driven the band in the making of their second album ‘Living In Grey’ which was released end of 2012 on afmusic.
The soundscape that best describes the new material is melodic, melancholic, edgy and powerful, but also is more accessible to the listener.
The Last Cry skillfully combine keyboards and guitars weaving around the bass lines and coming together with the heartfelt and emotional vocals making their sound as distinctive as the mixture is and drawing the listener into a lyrical maelstrom of fear, despair and void



Leeds’ Byronic Sex & Exile is the lovechild of Joel Heyes (Action Directe/Quasimodo/1919). Musically epic and deep, with strong influences from '90s gothic rock such as the Horatii, Nosferatu, Suspiria, and London After Midnight, Byronic Sex & Exile is committed to reconnecting goth to its romantic and literary roots.

Following on from debut releases 'Crimes of Passion' (E.P, 2015) and 'Under the Gaze of an

Indifferent God' (E.P, 2017), debut album 'Gothism' (2018) was released to good notices

throughout Europe and was accompanied by UK tours in September 2018, and April-May & November-December 2019. Byronic Sex & Exile’s reputation was further cemented by the mini-album ‘Opera Of The Wastes’ which was released as a free download on new year’s day this year.

New album ‘Cu Foc’ was released to wide acclaim in April. Featuring lead track ‘Your Name On The Wind’, it was written & recorded in Leeds and Romania and explores themes of the gothic within Carpathian history and culture. Sonic Seducer described the album as “an altogether incredible album that sticks out and is absolutely going to enthral every Goth Rock fan….a beautiful soundtrack for these strange times of isolation".


Byronic Sex & Exile's live shows combine passionate originals with innovative covers, spoken word. and humour, and are not to be missed!"

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