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6pm TICKETS £10

Brought to you by the 'Don't Go Into The Cellar Theatre Company'


When Bram Stoker's widow welcomes lawyer Mr Leech into her home, there begins a tale of the most feared vampire of all time, of his un-dead life and times, and the remarkable characters he has met down the centuries. An original stage-play concerning the actual story of Count Dracula - prepare for nothing but the bloody truth!

Acclaimed actor Jonathan Goodwin plays Dracula, and Suzy Celensu plays Florence Stoker. The show is written by Jonathan Goodwin, and directed by Gary Archer

Dracula’s Ghost: A play to get your teeth into
Dracula! The most notorious vampire of all time. Hear the truth about the most well-known and terrifying, creature of the undead, from none other than Bram Stoker’s widow, Florence. Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival presents Dracula’s Ghost – an original production from the Don’t’ Go into the Cellar’ theatre company.
Don’t Go into the Cellar is a professional theatre company, who specialise in thrilling the audience with ‘spine tingling performances’ by delivering classic Victorian theatre with a macabre flavour.
Watch the exclusive performance of Dracula’s Ghost at the Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival at 6pm in Whitby Pavilion. Tickets cost just £10! Dracula’s Ghost: A spooky tale for Halloween and the perfect end to the weekend event!
Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival combines Music, Art and Theatre to bring you the best in alternative entertainment
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