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Black Doldrums

Kevin Gibbard and Sophie Landers produce a contemporary form of gothic post-punk, with songs that contain hook and lead tribal drums and euphoric guitar textures that frame introspective lyrics. They are known for their intense live performances, creating their own style of gothic post-punk driven by vicious drums, distinctive atmospheric guitar and melodic bass. In 2020, Black Doldrums collaborated with Suicide producer, Jared Artaud who produced their debut album Dead Awake. Their debut album gained critical acclaim across mainstream media outlets, such as Uncut, Rolling Stone and Sonic Seducer. In September 2023, Black Doldrums collaborated with THE KVB who remixed ‘Dreamcatcher’ the third single from Dead Awake. Black Doldrums are currently recording their second album.

Peter Hook & The Light
Joy Division: a celebration performing Unknown Pleasures & Closer

In the autumn of 2024 Peter Hook & The Light will be on the tail end of a world tour where they have been playing and celebrating Substance the classic compilations that Joy Division and New Order released over 35 years ago. As a wonderful exclusive Tomorrow’s Ghosts exclusive for 2024 they come to Whitby to reprise their 2020 tour with a “Joy Division : A Celebration” concert of which no other event will have this year.

The concert will see the band play “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer” and other material commemorating over four decades of Joy Division and Ian Curtis’ continuing influence.

The influence of Joy Division and their music remains strong in popular culture, holding a sincere reverence. The albums are played sequentially in track order, respecting the inspiration and impact of the stunning debut album “Unknown Pleasures” and the immaculately produced second “Closer”.

“Unknown Pleasures” features “Disorder”, “Insight”, “New Dawn Fades”, and “She’s Lost Control” while “Closer”, considered “a start to finish masterpiece” by Pitchfork Media counts “Atrocity Exhibition”, “Heart And Soul” and “Twenty Four Hours” amongst its many highlights.

In addition to the albums, the concert span the entirety of Joy Division’s rich but short career.

On “Unknown Pleasures” – The Album (NME)

“The band’s debut ‘Unknown Pleasures’ is simply one of the best records ever made and is still powerful enough to floor you 30 years on. With an almost dub-like, spacey atmosphere sculpted by studio genius Martin Hannett, the band’s sound was almost the polar opposite of the punk music which had brought them together after a Sex Pistols show in 1976.” 10/10

On “Closer” – The Album (Pitchfork Media)

“Closer is even more austere, more claustrophobic, more inventive, more beautiful, and more haunting than its predecessor. It’s also Joy Division’s start-to-finish masterpiece, a flawless encapsulation of everything the group sought to achieve” 10/10