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The Mission

In late 1985 Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams left The Sisters of Mercy and, after enlisting the talents of Simon Hinkler and Mick Brown, formed The Mission and in early 1986 embarked on their first European tour, supporting The Cult. They released 2 singles independently, both reaching No.1 in the UK alternative charts, before signing a worldwide record deal with Phonogram (now Universal)

Their first single for the new label, ‘Stay with Me’, went straight into the UK chart at No. 30 followed by their debut album “God’s Own Medicine” at No. 14. Over the next eight years the band released six more albums and had a further 13 hit singles including anthemic classics such as “Wasteland”, “Tower of Strength”, “Beyond the Pale”, “Deliverance” and “Butterfly On A Wheel”. Total worldwide album sales to date have now well exceeded four million.

During this period, The Mission enhanced their reputation as one of the best and most exciting live bands in the world winning countless accolades, and inspiring both lurid media stories and a fanatical following as they toured constantly, including highlights such as seven sold out consecutive shows at the Astoria Theatre in London, headlining the famous Reading Festival twice, and playing with U2, The Cure and Robert Plant.

In 1994, the band parted company with Phonogram after several contractual disputes and signed their label “Neverland” to Sony Dragnet in Europe. Two years and two more album releases later, the band decided to call a halt to the general craziness of their existence to seek respite and well-earned solace.

In 1999, fully reinvigorated, The Mission reunited and after a few spectacularly successful early shows, embarked on a year-long tour that saw the band visit places as far-flung as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, South Africa, Greece (Recon 2000 tour), including memorable appearances at the Eurorock and M”era Luna Festivals and which culminated in a successful European tour in November/December 2000.

In late 2001 The Mission released what many considered to be their finest album to date in “AurA”. It marked the beginning of a contemporary and exciting new era for the band and the welcome return of all the band’s old swagger, relevance, and confidence. The album reached No. 1 in the German alternative chart and stayed there for eight weeks. The band also embarked on a German tour as special guests of ”HIM” to coincide with the release of the album, quickly followed by their own very successful six-week tour of Europe in early 2002.

In April of that year, The Mission returned to South America for proposed shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Peru. Unfortunately, during their time in Brazil, original member Craig Adams decided that he was homesick and wanted to go home. So, he did but Wayne Hussey continued on and played the remaining shows on his own armed with just an acoustic guitar. As soon as the South American tour was finished, the band returned to the UK and found a replacement bass player and seamlessly carried on throughout the summer to play further successful shows in Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, USA, and the UK.

In 2003, the band prepared to embark on their next tour (Pilgrimage) which took them once again across Europe. The new line-up of the band (Wayne being joined by Rob Holliday on guitars, Ritchie Vernon on bass and Steve Spring on drums) brought a new energy and dynamic to the band. They continued to wow crowds and critics alike who could not deny that the power of The Mission as a live band was just as devastating as ever. The band continued to tour during 2003 (Pilgrimage), 2004 (Breathen and Absolution) and 2005 (Lighting the Candles) with the interim periods seeing Wayne working on several side projects including those with Italian musicians, Volita Lux and the film Mercenario, resulting in the limited-edition CD Single “ Breath Me In”, which reached number one in the German DAC charts.

During the 2005 ‘Lighting the Candles” tour, a double DVD of the same name was released, the band’s first ever DVD release, to coincide with the tour. Packed with footage from live shows, video singles, archive and biography features, and behind the scenes footage, it has been critically acclaimed as one of the most complete video releases any band has released to date and was nominated in Germany for the equivalent of a Grammy. A remarkable achievement when it’s considered this was a self-financed independent release and was nominated in the same category as new DVD releases by such artists as Madonna and Bon Jovi.

Early 2006 saw Universal Records release “Anthology – The Phonogram Years” – a compilation of some of the band’s finest work plus some rare and never heard before tracks, plus “Waves Upon the Sand / Crusade” DVD – a re-release of two Phonogram period Mission videos, later followed by re-releasing the first four Mission albums, digitally remastered with bonus tracks and sleeve notes. Much as before, these were commercially great successes.

The Mission released their album ‘God Is A Bullet’ on SPV in April 2007. It would’ve been easy for the band to revisit past glories, but they resisted. The Mission recorded a ‘forward-looking’ album that was both brave and adventurous. It’s a ‘guitar’ album full of swagger, confidence, good tunes, and, in Wayne Hussey, a songwriter that was at the top of his game.

March 2008 saw The Mission close the curtain – for the time being at least, with Wayne Hussey disbanding the group to concentrate on solo ventures – with a sold-out European tour which culminated with 4 shows at the London Shepherds Bush Empire. The band released ‘The Final Chapter” DVD, which chronicled the tour, and charted at number 6 in the UK DVD chart later that year.

The year is 2011 – And 3/4 of the original line-up of the band – Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler – reformed with the addition of a new drummer in the form of Mike Kelly, to play a sold-out European 25th-anniversary tour which ended at London’s Brixton Academy – a show that was sold out a full 6 months in advance! Encouraged by the response of fans the band extended the tour to include South & North America and then went onto record, and release in late 2013, a brand-new album, “The Brightest Light”, which garnered the best press reviews the band had received in years, including a new fan favourite, “Swan Song”.

In 2016 – Wayne Hussey, Craig Adams, Simon Hinkler and Mike Kelly returned with an album that some consider their finest work EVER – that album is “Another Fall from Grace”.

Wayne has described the album as a lost link between The Sisters of Mercy’s First and Last and Always album and The Mission’s own first album, God’s Own Medicine. He attributes this in part to his use of the electric 12-string guitar which fell out of favour with the singer-songwriter during the Mission’s interim years.

Produced by Wayne with Tim Palmer, who also produced the albums God’s Own Medicine, Carved in Sand, and Grains of Sand, and including guest artists such as Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Ville Vallo (HIM), Gary Numan and Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), the album received unanimous critical acclaim and was the band’s first UK Top 40 album in over 20 years!


AUGER are the hyper-melodic, genre-fluid, dark music act led by Kyle Blaqk. To date, AUGER has released four albums: ‘The Awakening’ (2017), ‘From Now On I’ (2019), ‘Insurgence’ (2020), and ‘Nighthawks’ (2022). All four have entered the top 5 of the Deutsche Alternative Charts.They have also released a string of hit singles, including: ‘Oxygen,’ ‘My Heart Is Glass,’ ‘My Guardian,’ ‘Dark Clouds,’ ‘My Death’ and ‘Holding On,’ which was a collaboration with Chris Harms of Lord Of The Lost.

AUGER have been touring the UK as both a headline act & as main support to both Lord Of The Lost & Actors in recent times, and have now played multiple shows in 70 different cities worldwide, including America, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Malta.

Singles & EPs – 83-86

1983… Danny and James get together to experiment and make noise. James liked Metal Machine Music, Danny liked Cabaret Voltaire.

James had a bass guitar and Danny had 2 synths…they made Noise! Then guitarist Mike joined the band…he had pedals…loads of ’em! They linked them up, drum machine to synths – via pedals and through echo chambers then pressed Play! Eureka, they were a Band!

At the time, Danny was working with The Sisters of Mercy and Übermeister Andrew Eldritch took the trio to Bridlington to record the first Salvation single for his label Merciful Release. K.G. Studio was 100 yards from the beach and had already played host to the Sisters. It was snowing and the band were skint! Andrew knew that the band didn’t have any money and so, asked to be paid in kind with West Yorkshire’s finest stimulants. 3 sleepless nights and the Girlsoul EP was born! The Sisters’ connection guaranteed healthy sales and soon the band and Eldritch were back behind the mixing desk; this time at Stockport’s Strawberry Studios. 48 channels, all the latest technology! No excuses, they had to sound good!

They recorded 6 songs for a prospective album on Merciful Release but Machiavellian machinations saw it being shelved and Mike decided to leave the band.

Enter Choque and his Technicolor soundscape! His guitar has 12 strings! And he has pedals…even more pedals! He looks great!

On the 16.03.85, the band played their first live gig at Leeds University’s Tartan Bar. Coincidentally, upstairs in the Refectory, the Sisters were weaving their own sonic attack.

Recordings of mystery and imagination followed. Jessica’s Crime produced by the Mission’s Wayne Hussey and the Seek EP with real drummer Paul replacing the departing Dr Rhythm! The Psychedelic Goth era had begun!

In 1987, James too departed. Ben and Richard joined, transforming the band into a well oiled Rock’n’Roll machine. Live, the band was now in its element. A killer, self-penned repertoire and a clutch of skilfully chosen covers were the ingredients of thrilling and dynamic live shows. Tales of debauchery – many involving peanuts and mayonnaise – are legendary but also, on the whole, unrepeatable. Subsequently, despite ghostly power cuts and thanks to the splicing skills of producer Colin Richardson, the seminal Diamonds Are Forever album was recorded and unleashed on an admiring audience. It sold solidly at home and abroad, breaching the indie charts and swelling the fan base.

As the endless tour rolled on, a dedicated following – the self styled Deep Sea Jivers and Penguin Mosh Squad – spent most of the next five years hitchhiking the length and breadth of the country, seemingly finding Salvation in every sweaty pub, club and concert hall. The live experience was all encompassing: a gig on a boat, a grumpy support band by the name of Blur and an unfortunate clothes-ironing incident involving Fields of The Nephilim!

In 1988, the band found a new home on the fabulous Karbon label. The first release – a dynamic, deconstructed version of Donovan’s Sunshine Superman – saw Salvation reach a new commercial peak. But the band took a blow as Paul walked out with his kit and Choque, confronting his own Clash of Dreams, left for his mistress, The Hollow Men.

A lesser band may have succumbed at this point but, following some serious auditions, a substantial UK autumn tour began with two new members. Andy M, complete with his collection of vintage pedals, partnered Ben on six-string duties. While beat purveyor George Schultz brought the band solid rhythm and…a touch of burlesque!

The Julian Standen produced All And More EP, now universally accepted as Salvation’s finest recorded moment appeared in 1989. The spring and early summer of that year saw the rumour mill go into overdrive. Sold out shows, national radio play and long deserved critical acclaim fanned the flames.

Razor sharp live shows attracted the record companies and Miles Copeland put his money where his mouth was, signing the band to his IRS label in December 1989.

Andy, unhappy with the new musical direction, made an abrupt exit. Enter Adam (Yes! Guitarist #5!) hauling his not inconsiderable collection of pedals from Suffolk to Leeds. Further recording sessions that yielded a single and an album were interspersed by two successful 25-date UK tours; the first, a major concert Hall tour with The Alarm.

Constant gigging was, nevertheless, beginning to take its toll. Red lights began flashing on 01.03.90 when, after supporting the Mission in Leeds, it was all hands to the van and the band made a mad dash to Manchester for their own show later that same evening! Something had to give and, in mid 1990, the groove machine reached terminal meltdown. Despite great reviews for their IRS debut album, the melody laden Sass, a punishing schedule had stretched personal relationships to breaking point.

In August, the band and Danny went their separate ways. A single release was cancelled, US and UK tour plans were left in ruins and ultimately it signalled the end of their IRS contract. Another singer was recruited but things were never the same and the final curtain soon descended.

Salvation’s enduring knack for alternative pop shines through their body of work, showing why they were always a live favourite, casting a little light in the wake of their darker contemporaries. Whether you are an old friend or a curious listener, I hope you enjoy their warped magic.

Very Special Guests
The March Violets

41 years on since they first formed The March Violets are back and promising a show strewn with classics and surprises as the boundary-shredding post/punk band from Leeds make their long-awaited return to the stage for the first time since 2015.

Following a series of reissues on the Jungle Records label, including classic 7” singles “Walk into the Sun” & “Crow Baby”, the band have decided that the time is now for the return of The March Violets.

Comprising founding members Rosie Garland (performer, poet and author) and Tom Ashton (Guitarist, producer and studio owner), plus William Faith (musician and vocalist with Faith & the Muse, Conflict, The Bellwether Syndicate), the band are intending the shows to be a celebration of The March Violets’ legacy, while also honouring the irreplaceable contribution of friend and founding member Simon Denbigh.

With their first incarnation described by Sounds magazine as “slinky, savage yet warmly delicate [with a] thirst for mystery, magic and brutal darkness”, The March Violets were a post/punk band cut from a different cloth. Founded in Leeds in 1981, from there the band would initiate an impressive career that would see them navigating all corners of the alternative scene and accrue a longstanding cult following. With their debut EP ‘Religious As Hell’ released by Andrew Eldritch (frontman of fellow Leeds scene band The Sisters of Mercy), TMV would tally a total of seven successful Indie Chart singles including “Grooving in Green”, “Snake Dance”, “Deep”, and “Walk Into The Sun”, plus their ‘Radiant Boys’ EP, at the height of their powers. With an impeccable John Peel Session also under their belts, the band released two compilation albums ‘Natural History’ (which peaked at No.3 in the Indie Charts) and ‘Electric Shades’, before signing a major deal in 1985 with London Records. Releasing the poppier charms of the hit single “Turn to the Sky”, the track would notably feature in the John Hughes movie Some Kind of Wonderful in 1987, before the band eventually split later that year.

Reforming for a one-off hometown gig two decades later, their 2007 reunion would lead to a flurry of activity in the 21st Century including festival headline slots across Europe & the USA, the brand-new studio albums ‘Made Glorious’ (2013) and ‘Mortality’ (2015), plus a storming Record Store Day release in 2021’s sell-out double album: ‘Big Soul Kiss’.

Speaking about their upcoming reunion, The March Violets explain: “Since the last March Violets tour in 2015 we’ve been shocked at how many musical friends have passed over and out. And after Simon Denbigh’s life-changing stroke, it’s no surprise we all thought that was it for the Violets. When, in 2021, Jungle Records released Big Soul Kiss (The BBC Sessions double album) for Record Store Day 2021 it sold out its entire pressing in 24 hours. We were amazed at the response, absolutely amazed. We faced a choice – to fade away quietly or go out with a celebration. We feel for Simon and honour his massive artistic contribution & intense vision as one of The March Violets founding members. He’s irreplaceable, so we’re not going to try. We believe the legacy of The March Violets deserves a far better conclusion than sinking into silence, and now is the right time to do it.”

The 69 Eyes

Headlining our Saturday night for Halloween 2023 are the mighty Goth ‘n’ Roll pioneers THE 69 EYES who have been haunting stages all over the world for 33 years and seem to be a truly immortal part of the dark rock/metal scene. Widely known as the Helsinki Vampires, the quintet gained several platinum albums with “Blessed Be” (2000), “Paris Kills” (2002), “Devils” (2004) and “Angels” (2007).

They have plunged the world into a sinful cosmos of love, death and melancholy, while outliving any other band emerging from the goth hype of the early 2000s. With their unique sound & songs, singer Jyrki 69’s dark voice and pitch black Elvis allusions, the band has established a worldwide following. Over the course of over three decades, the band has toured relentlessly throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia and released 12 full-length studio albums.

THE 69 EYES are freshly signed to Atomic Fire Records (worldwide excluding Finland). With a full length album out on the 17th of march 2023.

Jyrki 69 is recently a frequent guest on Finnish TV in the primetime show “Vain Elämää” (Sing My Song). You could watch the singer staying in a castle with 7 other artists that performed each other’s songs during their stay.


Westenra are from Whitby! Luciferia (vocals), Karl (guitar) and Dominique (bass) create dark & emotional yet uplifting that will appeal to fans of Siouxsie & The Banshees, Fields of The Nephilim, Within Temptation and Evanescence.

Since exploding onto the UK goth scene in 2019 Westenra have been building a reputation for captivating live performances with their stylish and atmospheric sound.

Their debut album “First Light” was released in January 2021 to rave reviews, followed by an accompanying music video for the song “Soul Shine” in summer 2021. A cover version of the Cliff Richard classic “Devil Woman” followed in March 2022 – a taster for the new, bigger sound featured on the four track EP “BREATHE” which was released in July 2022. Their reinterpreted version of Iron Maiden’s “Number of The Beast” – originally meant as an exclusive live performance to celebrate their headlining the Whitby Krampus Run Ball – will be released in early 2023, with proceeds going to the Whitby Krampus Run chosen charities.

May 2022 saw Whitby Abbey invite the band to perform within its grounds as part of their celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the novel Dracula – this generated substantial national and international exposure for the band, with the area that they performed in front of now known as “The WESTENRA Arches”.

In the Autumn of 2020 the band filmed live performances for Channel 4 travel show “Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure” featuring comedian Rosie Jones, and will be appearing on a new national tv show hosted by Jonathan Ross in 2023.

Very Special Guests
Theatre of Hate

Formed in September 1981, Theatre of Hate originally comprised Kirk Brandon, John Lennard, Stan Stammers, Steve Guthrie and Luke Rendle. They established themselves as a strong live act, with a penchant for hard, uncompromising lyrics, and harrowing, martial rhythms. The band’s 1982 studio debut Westworld was produced by Mick Jones of the Clash (he also played guitar) and proved commercial enough to infiltrate the UK Top 20. The attendant single, ‘Do You Believe In The Westworld?’, also gave the band their only Top 40 singles entry. Shortly after the album was recorded, drummer Rendle was replaced by Nigel Preston and Billy Duffy joined on guitar, but despite their promise and strong following, Theatre Of Hate fell apart at the start of 1983. Brandon and Stammers went on to form Spear of Destiny, while Duffy joined the Cult.