The 69 Eyes

Headlining our Saturday night for Halloween 2023 are the mighty Goth ‘n’ Roll pioneers THE 69 EYES who have been haunting stages all over the world for 33 years and seem to be a truly immortal part of the dark rock/metal scene. Widely known as the Helsinki Vampires, the quintet gained several platinum albums with “Blessed Be” (2000), “Paris Kills” (2002), “Devils” (2004) and “Angels” (2007).

They have plunged the world into a sinful cosmos of love, death and melancholy, while outliving any other band emerging from the goth hype of the early 2000s. With their unique sound & songs, singer Jyrki 69’s dark voice and pitch black Elvis allusions, the band has established a worldwide following. Over the course of over three decades, the band has toured relentlessly throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia and released 12 full-length studio albums.

THE 69 EYES are freshly signed to Atomic Fire Records (worldwide excluding Finland). With a full length album out on the 17th of march 2023.

Jyrki 69 is recently a frequent guest on Finnish TV in the primetime show “Vain Elämää” (Sing My Song). You could watch the singer staying in a castle with 7 other artists that performed each other’s songs during their stay.