Westenra are from Whitby! Luciferia (vocals), Karl (guitar) and Dominique (bass) create dark & emotional yet uplifting that will appeal to fans of Siouxsie & The Banshees, Fields of The Nephilim, Within Temptation and Evanescence.

Since exploding onto the UK goth scene in 2019 Westenra have been building a reputation for captivating live performances with their stylish and atmospheric sound.

Their debut album “First Light” was released in January 2021 to rave reviews, followed by an accompanying music video for the song “Soul Shine” in summer 2021. A cover version of the Cliff Richard classic “Devil Woman” followed in March 2022 – a taster for the new, bigger sound featured on the four track EP “BREATHE” which was released in July 2022. Their reinterpreted version of Iron Maiden’s “Number of The Beast” – originally meant as an exclusive live performance to celebrate their headlining the Whitby Krampus Run Ball – will be released in early 2023, with proceeds going to the Whitby Krampus Run chosen charities.

May 2022 saw Whitby Abbey invite the band to perform within its grounds as part of their celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the novel Dracula – this generated substantial national and international exposure for the band, with the area that they performed in front of now known as “The WESTENRA Arches”.

In the Autumn of 2020 the band filmed live performances for Channel 4 travel show “Trip Hazard: My Great British Adventure” featuring comedian Rosie Jones, and will be appearing on a new national tv show hosted by Jonathan Ross in 2023.